Working with colors is an important part of our learning activities. Children will be able to work with watercolors using brushes and we also offer students the opportunity to do finger painting. These fun and creative activities encourage students to learn their colors, shapes and how to work in an organized manner. We also emphasize the importance of cleaning up and keeping a clean workspace, which can be a very useful lesson when reinforced at home.

Sand Art

Sand Art is another creative activity that students really enjoy. This gives them the opportunity to use glue, paint, and sand to create textured art.


Food Art

This is a particular favorite of our students. They have the opportunity to create things like “Ants on a Log” by using raisins and frosting to stick raisins to biscuits or buns. This allows them to learn about an ant colony and how ants work together to be an effective community. This activity gives us the chance to teach more than just Art. The best part is at the end when we get to EAT the final products.


Daily Bible stories

One of the activities that we really pride ourselves on is daily bible reading. We carefully choose bible stories that the children can relate to and this helps to develop their vocabulary with new words and learn about the historical significance of the bible. This activity also give us the opportunity to teach and reinforce the importance of treating people with respect, being honest, honoring their father and mother and many other valuable social skills.


Daily prayer

Daily prayer is a mainstay of our program. All classrooms are required to say a blessing before meal times and nap times. This provides a moment of reflection and sets the tone for a quiet and peaceful meal or nap.


Music listening and learning

Musical activities are another favorite among our students and teachers. Children love to listen to music and we choose songs that allow our students to sing along. This gives children the opportunity to develop a fun appreciation for music and singing and it also helps them learn about tones and pitch. You never know when the next Bach or Beethoven might be in the room.


Dramatic play and learning

Our teachers often use skits and acting as a way to teach. These activities require students to work together and learn new words. More importantly students get the opportunity to role-play and see how certain acts/situations call for a calm response, or a shocked expression. It’s a great opportunity for students to learn how to express themselves in a productive and healthy way.



All of our teachers have various puppets in their rooms. The teachers and students both use puppets to reinforce proper expression and students are allowed to use puppets when they aren’t sure how to express something in a tactical and diplomatic way.


Pledge of allegiance

This is an important daily activity that we use to help students understand the many important aspects of government. We discuss how the government provides police and firemen to help keep us safe.


Cooking and food preparation

These are great activities that allow students to learn their way around a kitchen and also allow us to introduce some science terminology in a very simplified way. Students will make butter with milk, fruit salads, ants on a log with raisins and many other fun to eat treats. (Note: students are never allowed in the kitchen with hot stoves or sharp utensils. Safety is always our primary concern)


Plant a tree and gardening (spring only) Nothing is more fascinating for a student than to plant something with their own hands, give it water, sunlight and nourishment and then watch it grow. This is a great opportunity for environmental awareness and students really enjoy participating in this event.


Table manners


Students eat at least one meal or snack each day with us. During this time we emphasize important table manners, such as having students chew with their mouths closed, asking politely “can you please pass me the milk” (not reaching across the table in front of others) etc.

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